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Wednesday, August 26, 2020
via Zoom
Join the BC Wine Grape Council for the 2020 AGM  The day will include project updates and key note...


Climate Characteristics for Vitis vinifera Production Regions in Canada: 1965-2019 Carl Bogdanoff, Pat Bowen, and Brad Estergaard, Summerlan...
Winegrowers are invited to participate in a brief survey that aims to explore the current and future state of the wine sector in a changing...
Prepared by:
Carl Bogdanoff

Attached is the July 2020 GDD Update for Summerland and Osoyoos.


Founded by the BC Wine Grape Council Sustainability Committee; SWBC identifies and promotes sustainable practices for grape growing, wine production, and winery hospitality services that will support a viable, competitive and continually improving wine industry.

The BC Wine Grape Council is proud to announce that we are offering our Best practices guide free to download. Contents include grapevine development, vineyard establishment, vineyard maintenance, crop protection, and more.

Health & Safety Handbook for Wineries and Vineyards

This guide will help prevent accidents and injuries by describing: specific hazards; how to eliminate the hazards and minimize the impact; develop specific safe work procedures and; how to deal with an accident or injury.

Download a copy here

Winery Wastewater Management Handbook

British Columbia has seen intense growth of its wine industry over the last decade. The number of grape wine wineries more than doubled from 134 in 2007 to 275 in 2017, and grape wine production was estimated at 21.3 M litres in 2015.1 Increased wine production has amplified the need for tools, technologies, and practical guidelines for the management of winery wastewater.

This handbook provides BC wineries with the latest information on best practices and technologies that will help in the sustainable management of their source water and process wastewater, with theancillary benefits of increasing energy efficiency.

Download a copy of the Handbook now!

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