March 17, 2022 R&D Committee Meeting

Jason Basi, MAFF – BC Beverage Sector Framework
The BC Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (AFF) is conducting an extensive review of the Province’s beverage manufacturing sector. The purpose is to develop a detailed profile of the sector and provide recommendations on how government and industry can work collaboratively to capture market and business development opportunities for beverage production and processing through enhanced programs, collaboration, and research. 

Paige Hohmann & Kim Buschert, UBC – Archiving BC’s Wine Industry
A discussion on the characteristics of wine archives, and the role of a trusted archival repository in preserving, interpreting, and ensuring access to historical records in support of research. Additionally, they will outline how UBC can contribute expertise and state of the art facilities to help discover, gather, interpret, and digitize resources, ensuring the long-term availability of BC’s wine territory memory.

Jaime Snow & Katarina Vucic, UBC-WRC – Wine Sector Co-Op Program
A presentation on opportunities to engage co-op students in your winery operations this summer.

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