Is powdery mildew spoiling your day? Have you experienced any surprises in the vineyard this season?

Powdery mildew has been infecting vineyards since we began cultivating grapes.  It can infect your vines before any signs of the infection are visible. 

Now you can monitor your vineyard environment for up-to-the-minute conditions, detect the possible onset of powdery mildew infection and receive alerts for events that require your attention.

Warehouse Rental

Cold Storage Room available for lease until end of May.

Use space the with or without the cooler units turned on.

Loading dock is available at the site with Forklift.

Dimensions: 30’X40’ 12’ ceiling height


Please call me at 250-408-5182 for more information as well as photos ect. 

Sparkling Wine Services

We have a range of custom Sparkling Wine Services

We are here to guide you through our custom tirage bottling process, riddling, disgorging and packaging.
We do all the lab work, provide packaging materials, follow each client’s unique protocols and parameters.
We then tirage bottle, cage store (age), disgorge, cork, wirehood, capsule, label, box and palettize your sparkling wine.

For questions please contact

Osoyoos Wine Storage for Lease

Secure wine storage space for lease in Osoyoos warehouse. Individual units available from 2300-10,000 sq ft with 16' high ceilings. 
Cool, dark insulated rooms as well as refrigerated rooms make an ideal location for wine storage. 

-Shared forklift onsite
-Video surveillance
-24 hour access
-Easy access loading dock


please email for further information.

Frind Lab Services

Frind Lab Services can help you with all of your pre-harvest analyses.  Bring us your berries or juice and we can provide you results within the hour to help you with your important decisions in the vineyard.  We have state of the art instrumentation that can tell you the sugar per berry (by volume), berry weight, brix, glucose + fructose, NOPA, pH and Titratable Acidity (TA).   If there is something not listed on our website (