British Columbia Regional Health Authorities

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Who or what does the organization report to?

British Columbia Provincial Health Services Authority

Mandatory/Regulatory or Voluntary/Non-Regulatory

The Ministry of Health works together with a provincial health authority, five regional health authorities, and a First Nations health authority to provide high quality, appropriate and timely health services to British Columbians.

Provincial Health Services Authority

The Provincial Health Services Authority is responsible for:

  • working with the five regional health authorities to plan and co-ordinate the delivery of provincial programs and specialized services; and
  • governing and managing the organizations that provide specialized health services throughout the province.

Regional Health Authorities

The five regional health authorities govern, plan, and deliver health-care services within their geographic areas.

The regional health authorities are responsible for:

  • identifying population health needs
  • planning appropriate programs and services
  • ensuring programs and services are properly funded and managed
  • meeting performance objectives
Organization Category