November 17, 2022 R&D Committee Meeting

Guy Ash, Pessl Instruments - Digital or IoT Solutions for Grape Production:
Like many ag industries today, the use of Digital or IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for grape production is gaining importance for controlling management costs in a timely and economic way. Loosely speaking, digital or IoT solutions means that a variety of assets and solutions are used to monitor your vineyard in a nested approach. Using the nested approach, you avoid unnecessary trips to the vineyard, know exactly what the conditions at any given time, make timely decision about irrigation, fertilizing, pesticide application, harvesting, and more.
This presentation will explore some of the actionable tools and solutions that are currently used in the grape industry for: a) Zone specific irrigation requirements based on either soil probes or ETo methods for effective water management, b) Disease management, using varies disease models, c) Insect trapping and identification using automated traps, d) Irrigation automation using IoT controllers for values and pumps, e) Crop Cameras for viewing development, grape size and color, f) Phenological models based of GDD’s.

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