August 17, 2023 R&D Committee Meeting

August 17, 2023 - Heidi Hare, Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC - Tasting Room Sanitation Standards

The British Columbia Ministry of Health (BC MOH), and therefore Interior Health, require all food service establishments, that process or prepare and sell food to the public, to conduct their operations in accordance with the Food Premises Regulations. 

As a winery, serving beverages to the public in BC, Food Premises Approval, or a permit to operate a restaurant or other food service establishment, needs to be acquired from Interior Health.  

MSA has created a tool kit which includes a guidance document that will assist owners in navigating the requirements.   This guidance document which outlines the application process, provides links to health authorities, detailed instructions on how to complete the application, relevant training requirements such as FoodSafe and explanation of how to create the supporting documentation required to be submitted alongside the application.  

Lunch and learn topics will include: 

  1. Overview of application process
  2. Overview of Food Safety Plan and 7 elements
  3. Overview of Sanitation Plan 
  4. Tasting Room Sanitation Plan elements
  • Choosing a Sanitizing Solution
  • FOODSAFE Common Sanitizing Solutions 
  • Sanitizing food contact surfaces
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