THRIVE Agriculture - Professional Natural Organic Compost by Veratec - Daily Bulk Commercial Delivery Throughout BC and Okanagan

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Volume Professional Natural Organic Compost Delivery BC

Commercial, bulk volume, professional THRIVE – Agriculture Natural Organic Compost An investment in this sustainable, long-term soil building/correction will reduce your vineyard/orchard’s future fertilizer and watering inputs/spend considerably while improving overall plant health and fruit yields.

Build structure and correct your soil to add fortifying Natural Organic micro/macro humus Compost nutrients for slow, steady annual release of stable root-zone essential elements and beneficial organisms for your crops to encourage stronger, healthier plants, and more fruit production with less harmful costly chemical fertilizer spikes and water inputs.

Sustainable THRIVE Natural Organic Agricultural Compost is new to BC, and professionally commercially produced in high volume in North America's newest and most high-tech fully enclosed-loop, negative pressure World-Class composting facility right here in BC, carefully designed by an international team of Agrologists and Engineers specifically for our local BC crop, soil, and climate requirements, with minimal environmental impact and footprint. We further offset our environmental footprint by Green powering a trucking fleet with BioGas produced at our facility, and utilizing large-volume backhaul trucking when possible.

This is a very high quality, consistent, fine, 1/2" minus, light, dry, fully composted (not over, nor burnt) humus that contains NO biosolids, NO wood, and NO manure products - THRIVE is likely among the best commercial natural organic compost amendment products now available to farmers anywhere in the world. Comprised of recycled 80% Greenwaste and 20% Foodwaste, this compost is naturally micro/macro nutrient rich and easily spreadable/broadcast/workable.

THRIVE Bulk commercial compost is designed and suitable/available in volume supply for local Viticulture, Agriculture, Horticulture growing production operations, specifically Tree-Fruits, Grapes, Cannabis, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, and Vegetables.

$40 /Ton + Delivery. Recommended Application is 30-60 Tons per Hectare annually for a few years, depending on particular soil/crop amendment needs. Minimum Order/Delivery is 40 Yards, or 13 Metric Tons. We offer professional delivery daily throughout BC's Lowermainland, Vancouver Island, Okanagan, Kootenays, Cariboo in high volume, up to large 80yd walking-floor loads if required.

We also offer our own in-house, on-farm, onsite Agrologist soil sampling and can custom-blend to target specific nutrient, pH, soil, crop, and climate requirements. Current product analysis tests available upon request. Contact us for a Delivered Quote Today.

Love your Soil. Grow Better. Spend Less. THRIVE Organic Compost by Veratec - Sustainable Growing Solutions for the 21st Century.

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