Is powdery mildew spoiling your day? Have you experienced any surprises in the vineyard this season?

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David Mauro

Powdery mildew has been infecting vineyards since we began cultivating grapes.  It can infect your vines before any signs of the infection are visible. 

Now you can monitor your vineyard environment for up-to-the-minute conditions, detect the possible onset of powdery mildew infection and receive alerts for events that require your attention.

Our product, vineyardIQ, is a powerful decision support tool that assists the grower in making smart decisions about crop management.  We employ a model that is in use all over the world.

Using this model, we collect and analyze vineyard data in real-time to assess the potential level of powdery mildew disease pressure, which may be used to inform the grower’s spraying strategies.

Savings are significant.  Early detection of high disease pressure may accelerate the spraying schedule, saving your grapes from widespread and potentially disastrous infections.  Low disease pressure may enable the grower to eliminate one or more sprayings leading to savings in cost, time and the environment. 



David Mauro
vineyardIQ Solutions Inc.

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