Field strategies to mitigate the impact of grapevine viruses in British Columbia

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Dr. Tom Lowery
Dr. Jose Ramon Urbez-Torres
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UPDATE: September 2019 AAFC has released about the successful research on grapevine viruses we have and are still conducting with BCWGC funding support.

UPDATE: January 2019 - The document download on this page summarizes the Plant Pathology laboratory’s past and future research on grapevine trunk diseases in British Columbia, one of the major problems the industry is currently facing. This article reviews the work conducted to develop and implement effective management strategies against these diseases in Canada.

Project Description: 

Virus diseases, particularly those caused by the grapevine leafroll associated viruses (GLRaV) and grapevine red blotch-associated virus (GRBaV), are a serious threat in all Canadian wine producing provinces due to their rapid spread and severe impact on grape and wine production and quality. Activities in this theme will determine the incidence of virus infections across Canada, the role insect vectors and their control play in infection spread, and the virus impacts on grape yield and quality.

This activity continues work performed under a BC GF2 AgriInnovation Program with increased focus on the role of vectors in the spread of leafroll and red blotch viruses and on long term mitigation. Small lots of wine will be made from infected plants to assess impacts on wine sensory attributes that will be validated by sensory panels.

From nursery to vineyard: implementation of effective management strategies against grapevine trunk diseases in Canada 

Objectives:  1. Management of GTD in nurseries and young vineyards a) investigate non-destructive methods and evaluate molecular tools to efficiently detect Grapevine Trunk Diseases (GTD) pathogens in nursery material; b) evaluate the status of domestic and imported nursery material with regard of GTD; c) determine abiotic stress factors favoring GTD development in newly established vineyards. 2. Management of GTD in mature vineyards. a) investigate and implement novel and existing chemicals and/or biological control agents against GTD; b) investigate and implement best cultural practices to mitigate GTD under BC growing conditions.

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