Insecticide Efficacy Trials

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Registration of new pesticides is required for the continued viability of the grape and wine industry in BC. Many insecticides formerly used on grapes are no longer available, are ineffective, or cause outbreaks of secondary pests such as mites. Reliance on broad-spectrum, highly toxic insecticides also runs counter to the image that the B.C. grape and wine industry hopes to cultivate.

During this two year study we will evaluate the efficacy of a number of new, reduced-risk insecticides (e.g. oil, neem, Applaud, Rynaxypyr, Success) for the control of cutworm, leafhoppers and thrips, and determine effects on populations of beneficial insects. Treatments will be applied to plots of grapes at PARC in collaboration with Karen Bedford, Minor Use Coordinator. Evaluation of oils also involves assessment of possible effects on vine growth or maturation of fruit.

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