2019 Provincial Acreage Report

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For Immediate Release:

Penticton, British Columbia (May 20, 2021):  The BC Wine Grape Council (BCWGC) is pleased to announce the release of the 2019 Provincial Acreage Report.  The report was developed in collaboration with wine industry associations including the BC Grapegrowers’ Association, the BC Wine Authority, Wine Growers BC and was funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries.  The goal for the report was to analyze the vineyard landscape across the province to assess trends in wine grape farming. The report is to be used to predict shortages or surpluses of future grapes, and as a planning tool for research project funding, marketing, and vineyard or winery investments. The last Acreage Report was produced in 2014.  Data collected for the report was contributed through a province wide industry survey and collaborative review of information reported to the industry associations. The report is available in English and Punjabi.  The BC Wine Grape Council and BC Grapegrowers’ Association are working to develop future reports on a biennial basis.

“We would like to thank the other associations and especially the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, for their contribution to this project.  We see this as a pivotal project for our industry to work collaboratively to assess the health of viticulture in our province and monitor trends and opportunities for planting new varieties to meet market demand.  The report shows an 8.05% increase in planted acres since our last report in 2014 and, interestingly, Pinot Noir has now taken second position for the most planted variety.  It will be interesting to monitor these trends over the next several years as grapes continue to be planted across the province”, says Kathy Malone, Chair, BC Wine Grape Council.

“This information will help B.C. grape growers and winemakers prepare for the years ahead, and to take advantage of the local, national and international opportunities that more and more people enjoying B.C. wines bring,” said B.C. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Lana Popham. “Having current data and research to inform their business decisions is valuable for the people involved in grape and wine production in B.C., as well as the many British Columbians employed or working for the sector, and the communities they operate in.”

This report is available on the websites of the BC Wine Grape Council (www.bcwgc.org), the BC Grapegrowers’ Association (www.grapegrowers.bc.ca) and Wine Growers British Columbia (https://winebc.com/industry/)

For more information: Kate Durisek, Executive Director  |  info@bcwgc.org  | www.bcwgc.org

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