Below is a list of FAQs on how to use If your looking for conference FAQs please click on this link.

If you have any question on new or existing FAQ please email

To create an account please click on this link.

If you subscribed to a page, content type, or taxonomy you can unsubscribe in two two ways.

  1. Directly 
    1. Go to the page, content type, or taxonomy.
    2. Uncheck what your unsubscribe from and click Save.
  2. Subscrition manager
    1. Click on the My Acount link in the user menu.
    2. Click on the Subscriptions link in the menu under your user name.
    3. Once in the subscriptions manager your can un check what you would like to unsubscribe from.

First step in creating a classified advertisement with BCWGC is creating your account. If you don't' currently have an account please click here. Once you have an account and are logging in you will see some new buttons under the primary navigation.

  1. Click on the Post Classified link.
  2. Fill out what fields are applicable to you.

Submissions will be reviewed by an administrator before it's posted.

When you create content you have the option to Post to If you check the checkbox next to "Announce this post on Twitter" your enrty will be tweeted on BCWGC's twitter page.

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