Now is the time to start protecting your vineyard and the environment.

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David Mauro
Powdery mildew hit the south Okanagan hard last year. Many growers might have missed their best window of opportunity for controlling this pest. With vineyardIQ you can monitor your vineyard environment for up-to-the-minute conditions, detect the possible onset of powdery mildew infection and receive alerts for events that require your attention. Collect and analyze vineyard data in real-time to assess the potential level of powdery mildew disease pressure, and act in a timely manner. Early detection of high disease pressure may accelerate the spraying schedule, saving your grapes from widespread and potentially disastrous infections. Low disease pressure may enable the grower to eliminate one or more sprayings leading to savings in cost, time and the environment. Check out our product at and contact us at 236 518 5147 for more information.
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