14.6 Acres of ALR Land in Kelowna - FOR LEASE

14.6 acres of south-facing ALR land for lease, ideal for growing white grapes. The properties were originally part of a larger pear orchard, dating back to the early 1950s. Irrigation was installed for the original orchards, but has since been decommissioned and would need to be re-installed. The orchards stopped production in the late 1990s and the land has sat fallow since. The land owners hold irrigation rights for 12.8 acres, which can be utilized by the lessee. The land currently sits fallow and is mostly covered with tall grass. A new driveway at the north end of the property has been constructed and irrigation service has been updated at the road and is ready for tie-in. Active orchards border the north and west property lines. Outside of the cultivable area, a protected wetland courses the western side of the property from north to south, then east to west. This is visible in the photo above and is identifiable by the brown area (cattails) on the western and southern portion of the property.
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Lauren Hatchard
(250) 490-5355
(778) 242-0845
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