Guiding Strategic Decision Making in R&D Investments in the BC Wine Grape Industry

Jacques Olivier Pesme, Malida Mooken, Marcela Valania and Roger Sugden (Wine Research Centre, University of British Columbia)

BCWGC is developing a research and development (R&D) roadmap to guide strategic decision making on R&D investments for the BC wine and grape industry. To enable its members to decide on the future of R&D in the BC wine industry, BCWGC asked our group to facilitate discussions about the roadmap.

The final report describes the process, outputs, and recommendations. It provides a pool of ideas for people to think about, and act upon. The ideas draw on a survey and, in particular, discussion at a series of workshops for BCWGC members and stakeholders.

Recommendations focus on funding new research and knowledge sharing, ways to share, R&D focal points, collaboration, BCWGC governance, and discussion across the industry of what is understood by “good quality”.

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