Education Committee

The mandate of the Education Committee is to work with outside consultants and Okanagan College to develop and implement curricula pertinent to the BC Wine Grape Industry.


In 2011 the BCWGC Education Committee, Chaired by James Hopper, began to identify the need to train workers with appropriate practical experience, technological and scientific skills, mathematical and human resource knowledge to meet the evolving needs of the viticulture sector.  The need for professional career paths and development of opportunities in viticulture was also identified as a critical human resource requirement.

To achieve these goals, the BCWGC contracted Okanagan Collect between October 2014 and March 2015 to develop curriculum for a two year Viticulture Technician Diploma; intended to be a "work-ready", "transfer-ready" option for students.  It will provide appropriate education for immediate employment as well as the opportunity to ladder into baccalaureate degree at institutions such as Brock University.

Next Steps

Upon completion of the curriculum development, in 2016 the BC Wine Grape Council signed an agreement with Okanagan College to begin offerring the program in September 2017.  Under the terms of the agreement, BCWGC will use its Industry connections to build an asset inventory of regional viticulture knowledge and contacts who can assist in the delivery of the program.  BCWGC members will play an active role in moving this program forward by:

  • encouraging current employees to further their education by taking the program;
  • showing a hiring preference for graduates of the program; and,
  • offering compensation and working conditions that recognize the education obtained by successful candidates of the program.

Funding for the inital pilot program is being contributed by the Province of British Columbia.

For more information on the program and Okanagan College you can visit the respective page under Education on this website. 

Current Committee members include:


Chair & Board Liaison: James Hopper

Mandate:  To work with outside consultants and Okanagan College to develop and implement curricula pertinent to the BC wine/grape industry.


J. Breti (Quails Gate)

B. Heiss (Gray Monk)

S. Oldfield (Tinhorn Creek

T. Osborne (Constellation)

S. Pinte-Kosaka (Le Vieux Pin)

M. Serbon (MaximusVyd.Mge.)

E. Triggs (Culmina)

D. West (Grower)

External Partners

Jonathan Rouse (Ok. College)

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